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It uses this data to identify and create a security rating for every file accessed through the Internet.

As a result, it stops targeted attacks and advanced, persistent threats with a degree of protection that far exceeds the capacities of traditional anti-virus.

Personal v Disks support the provisioning of department-level applications, as well as applications downloaded and installed by users, including those that require drivers (except phase 1 drivers), databases, and machine management software.

Unlike traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments involving pooled desktops, where users lose their customization and personal applications when the administrator changes the master image, deployments using personal v Disks retain those changes.

You must be using version must be 11.x or higher to receive support from Do IT.

If you need to upgrade, see Symantec Endpoint Protection- Service Description for instructions.

This can cause users laptops to be blocked from our VPN until they manually push the update. Symantec SEP 14 is enriched with every possibility & aspects to protect Desktops & Laptops from Unnecessary malware programs. Document, Video & Library file Password write protection program. Protocol wise filtering process Bitcoin, Torrent & Pay Pal protocol.

It provides complete flexibility to the administrator.

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